Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jawatan Kosong di Perodua

Organisasi: Perodua
Tarikh Tutup: 12 - 31 Oktober 2012

Career Opportunities:
We believe that efficient human resource is vital in achieving our mission. We also believe in teamwork and we encourage our members to put forth and develop ideas for greater efficiency and productivity. In our quest for success through quality human resource, we focus on the development of our human resources by ensuring that regular specialised training is provided. We reward staff performance by constantly reviewing and upgrading our benefits. We provide a conducive working environment, and we ensure staff who has displayed potential be given opportunities for career advancement.

Employment Opportunity:
We offer a wide range of career paths for those with the ability and desire to excel, ranging from engineering, information technology, accountancy, sales, marketing, human resource and general administration.

  1. Manager Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  2. System Engineer Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  3. Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd
  4. Service Advisor (Body & Paint) Kluang Service Centre, Johor 12 Oct 2012
  5. Admin Assistant (Temporary) Keramat, Cheras, Kota Kinabalu 14 Oct 2012
  6. Graduate Enhancement and Training Program (GREAT) Rawang 26 Oct 2012
  7. Perantis Mekanik Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  8. Operator (Kontrak) Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  9. Assistant Manager Employee Relations Section Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  10. Senior Manager Rawang 31 Oct 2012
  11. HR Executive Rawang 31 Oct 2012

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