Friday, June 15, 2012

Jawatan Kosong di PERODUA

Organisasi: PERODUA
Tarikh Tutup: 30 Jun 2012
We believe that efficient human resources is vital in achieving our aspirations. We also believe in teamwork and encourage our members to put forth and develop ideas for greater efficiency and productivity.

In our quest for success through quality, we focus on the development of our human resources by ensuring that specialized and regular training is provided to acquire competence. We reciprocate the staff contributions by constantly reviewing and upgrading our benefits. We provide a conducive working environment, we ensure staff who has displayed potential for upgrading be given opportunities for career advancement.

We offer diversified career paths for those with the ability, desire and perseverence to excel. If you are young, ambitious and smart with the skills to match, you’ll definitely feel at home with us. This opportunity may be the start of your road to success.

1 .  Accounts Assistant
2 .  Perantis Penyembur Cat / Pengetuk Badan Kenderaan
3 .  Perantis Penasihat Servis
4 .  Perantis Mekanik 

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